Development, Construction, Real Estate & Management



Amercon is a provider of Commercial Construction Company serving the Eastern Half of the United States.  Our services include Land and Community Development, Commercial Construction, Commercial and Marine Real and Property Management.  

Estate Commercial & Technology Insurance and OnSite Inspection Services.  We offer a broad range of coverage Options from Cargo shipments around the world, technology used in shops and in the field, Equipment at job sites to the home electronics like those game systems your kids spend hours on everyday. 

We also provide site inspections for Bank, Management Firms, Brokers or Insurance companys reporting and monitoring of properties, job sites and other assets throughout the Eastern United States. Have a special situation, we can tailor our services to meet your needs,  Lets setup a meeting to discuss it.


Call us at 302-558-5100 to learn what exactly we can do for you.

Let your imagination Lead The Way

We have built some of the most unusual structures around he country.  So go ahead, close your eyes and dream, let your imagination go wild.  Then let the team at Amercon bring it to Life.